Friday, 23 January 2009

pondering the times

First ever post and i am pleased to announce that i am frickin freezing.

My profile doesn't explain much however but warning: Kitty is being allowed free range of this blog so it could go horrendously wrong. The frustration of being so wrapped up in school work is astounding! having completed my Keats essay in the early hours of yesterday morning, i resigned myself to my fate, accepting that i wasn't going to get any sleep any time soon and got cozy in my bed. Being in one of Kitty's moods i snuggled in just skin and socks!
Lemonade in one hand, computer full of hentai on lap i resume usual activities for 1am. usually involving fingers and gritted teeth. The texts i receive from my lover at this point make me blush even more and just continue to excite me no end! he always manages that... if anyone can make kitty head over heals in love, or crazy with arousal it will be wolfy *giggles*

i figure it is probably a good time to start writing again. i used to always write. my favorite character is called Moby. Remarkably he is not your everyday teen story character; infact he is a pink alien cat. random i know, but i have gotten a lot of praise for it. in a few days i will leave a link for those that remain curious...

...hehe till next time...

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