Monday, 26 January 2009

mondays, i hate mondays.

Today is Monday, and that is all that matters. My day will be inevitably hell.
To be perfectly honest actually "hell" is a bit of an exaggeration, but i don't know, its still been bad. The past two days, (Sunday and Monday) i have spent working my ass off on coursework. The amount of coursework i actually have is ridiculous and despite all my best efforts the mountain of work never ever seems to be worn down. bugger.
I am aware that in a matter of months all of this coursework will be in and i will be in the clear, but the sense of panic still remains.
My only way of sustaining some sanity is by seeing Wolfy, but i cant do that every second of the day, and on Mondays, he goes home early. double bugger. Despite the strong urge of wanting to just wallow in the misery of Monday, i manage to stagger between lessons, hand something in and get some art done.
*sighs* art... somehow, today, despite the melancholic nature of Monday i managed to produce a substantial amount of art and of good quality, unfortunately my sister came in to see my work, and i managed to tell her she has a giant nose, and she burst into tears... smooth.

Feeling rather proud of myself i dive head first into a packet of Squares and a Galaxy bar *rewards are great*... however my gluttony takes its toll in the form of chronic stomach pains.

As everything i seem to do gets thrown back in my face by the sneaky evil that is Monday, i have resigned myself to my bed. A prison for the insane. However i am under no influence to try and escape from the suffocating pillowy goodness, as it is warm and snuggly. So i have made myself a caccoon of my own tragic crazyness and am settling down to escape the evils of Monday, and enter the dreary frustration that is Tuesday. Joy....

... till next time ...

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